We leverage state-of-the-art science and technology to unlock the full human potential

Imagine the future of health

Where YOUR data takes care of you

Where your devices work together

Where your home monitors your health

Every time you pick up your phone

Drive your car

Sit in front of your computer

The built-in camera monitors your health

Where the wireless signals around you

Tracks your health in an unobtrusive manner

Where your digital footprint – wherever you are

is turned into health data

Where all your data is combined in one centralized neural network in an ultra secure and untraceable manner

All your data combined in one neural network

in an ultra secure and untraceable manner

All YOUR health data combined

in an ultra secure and private neural network

AI health assistant

Liv is an AI-driven personal health assistant that lives on your phone. Liv provides tailored and actionable recommendations that enables you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and health every day.

Our AI health assistant registers your activity, habits and behavioral patterns and relates your physiology to these patterns in real-time. The Liv AI engine calibrates uniquely to each user and helps you build health-awareness and understand how your everyday life affects your health, body, mind and performance.

Liv helps you get rid of uncertainty and unnecessary concern about your health and provides you with tools needed for making informed decisions and recommended actions for taking control over your everyday health.

Security by design.

We have a strict “Privacy-First Policy”. You own your data, not us. You decide who you want to share it with – your family, your friends, your doctor or the healthcare system, and not the other way around.

You own your data, not us. You have complete ownership of your data and total control over how your data is being shared.

We don't use or sell your data without your consent!

And only if you give us consent to use your data, for instance for research purposes or to improve our algorithms, your data will be completely anonymized and secured at the highest level of encryption so your data will never be compromised.

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